Car parts text

Scam Number: 775-902-8967
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: Text message,
This is Anna form car part, we are offering up to 20 % discounts on car parts, let me know which part you are looking for.
Contact Number:775 902 8967.
when I calledback it was an Indian Femchode


Can confirm is the number is working.

Called for a replacement engine as well as blinker fluid for a lamborghini :joy:.

An indian woman picked up the phone, but I had to explain to her first why I was calling.

Made me tell her a VIN number or else she wouldn’t engage in “searching up the parts”.
(used a fake VIN from VIN Generator by Vehicle Brand)

Once she got the VIN, she put me on hold and an indian man came to the phone.

Stated that they didn’t sell blinker fluid :frowning: and only had used parts for my engine.

Said that they would call me back for a quote and as I was telling him goodbye, I called him a “benchod” and he told me “fuck you” in the most calm way I’ve ever heard.
Wish I could be as chill as that guy :sunglasses: