Captcha removal

Could you remove Captcha for verified users. I’m from India and I have to go through Captcha every single time.

Please try to ‘do one thing’ about it.


An admin said that it’s to stop Indian scammers from coming onto the website.

@TechOff#3308 Yes, but moderators aren’t Indian scammers.

If a scammer really wanted to use the site, they’d just go ahead with the Captcha. They probably don’t visit too often so they probably don’t mind. However, I check in here every 2 hours or so and it’s a hassle albeit a small one.

@1337mathster#3314 I whitelisted your IP address.

@thunder#3315 thank you Senpai

Let’s make sign up harder in India. A determination test. Refresh the browser on each letter is entered when signing up.

@Jnteamed#5325 Flarum doesn’t have the ability to redirect based on geolocation, that would require an entirely different process to be used for sign up, including new DB’s, entirely re-coded sign up page, and some help from Cloudflare for geolocation. We’d also need page rules to block Indian IP’s from accessing many resources directly, which would be a nightmare. It’s much easier, and more reliable to do this with people, hence the moderator position. Indian users are already scrutinized by Cloudflare when trying to visit this site, they are required to solve Captcha’s each time they visit.

@R34P3R#5326 We can do this: Sign up works like this. When the account is signed up. An email will be sent to moderators. Moderators an accept or decline. And inactive accounts will be deactivated in 5 months and then deleted in a year because there is a ton of users in this site.

How the deactivation process is going to work, When a account is deactivated, they go through the sign up process by signing in and waiting for moderator approval. But anything else isn’t lost. For moderators, it applies but the admins check the email. And accounts will be inactive in 1 year and nothing else.

This is a suggestion, see if it works for everyone.

@Jnteamed#5327 I do like the idea of screening users, though this is not a feature yet in Flarum, but I will suggesst an Administrator/Moderator approval setting to their developers.

We can do a little pretest like this before signup process completes:

What is a VM?

A: Virtual Machine

B: Vending Machine

C: Vendors & manufactors

D: Viral Machine


@Jnteamed#5333 Some scammers know about virtual machines. ?

@scraps210#5336 This is just one question, I got plenty of others.

@Jnteamed#5340 How do you run a wirus scan?

A. Press 4 flag key

B. tree

C. syskey

D. all of the above

@memes#5343 ?

@memes#5343 We can Do that, But we can also Add E, Which is none of the above, But pops up a box that asks:

How do you run a wirus scan?

(Free response here)

@memes#5343 How do you contact customers?

1.Call them
3.with a VM, phone/skype, camera, and a bag of chips.

Here, A test sign up form!

Experience of a lifetime!

@R34P3R We came up with a form. It isn’t exactly bulletproof but it is good.


Even I couldn’t answer a bunch of them!

Like I said before, many users use this site to call and troll scammers without actually using a VM. They (including me to some extent) would be discouraged to use the site with such an odd sign up questionnaire.