Canon Printer Support scheme

Two numbers are on the website. They also have an email address. One of them shows up more often than the other. These idiots seem to forget what number they have and what it is too. Make sure to verify whether it’s a scam or not. This helps me know if this is a scam or not and it helps everyone else for the same reason.

Contact info
Two phone numbers they own (You have the say on whether the numbers legit, dead, or alive)

^Web Page^

^It’s email address, not email #. These idiots need to be dealt with and need to know their English^

^Chat with them if you’d like^

lhn_4th_onlineClick here to chat with these angry bulls

Provide the chat scammers with their own contact information
Either Toll-Free number will do. Maybe they’ll panic and maybe the boss will scream a question as to who in their call center is operating this hilarious plot. Just keep providing them with this info.
You can also shove this information down their throat. The number shown is a lead generator I came across and the email is fake, guaranteed.