Can you call uk numbers without being charged?

Can you somehow call uk numbers without being charged? Like a uk version of FireRTC? Because the majority of numbers i have are uk numbers, and i really dont want to be charged.


Use can you share the numbers?

Firertc doesn’t charge but can you share the number?

@gcook815#9382 Sorry, FireRTC only supports US numbers, you would have to pay on Hangouts or Skype if you wanted to call UK numbers. Unless you’re in the UK and have a mobile then you can just use that.

Share the numbers please

@gcook815#9382 Greetings, You cannot really call numbers in the UK without there being a charge somewhere along the line, Toll-Free you can of-course but regular local UK numbers are paid only and the reason behind this is because they are owned by British Telecom (BT) and they charge for all calls, you can however use Poptox and similar websites to call UK Numbers for a limited amount of time. can call UK numbers for free, but I think it will display your US textnow number as Caller ID and some scammers may not pick up.