Can someone private message me with some methods to TAKE out email scammers?

I have been supplying several leads here but there are actually so many. It’s really pathetic.


Taking them out is not easy. You can kill one email, but they will just create another on gmail, yahoo, hotmail, or the other dozens of services out there.

Most also will keep their victims that have on hook elsewhere so if they lose the email they will continue to reach out giving some excuse why a new email if the victim even notices.

I am happy to talk about scambaiting and the fun there… :slight_smile:

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Disabling the scammer’s machine is a goal. I report to Gmail but they evidently don’t disable the IP address. They are active DAYS later. Craigslist used to and maybe still does BLOCK IP’s from posting but they are letting them endlessly post lately and evidentially not blocking them lately. This is where you report them but they are slow and I think they don’t disable the IP address. I would like to report a Gmail user who has sent messages that violate the Gmail Program Policies and/or Terms of Use. - Gmail Help

In Gmail to the right of the reply, button is a hamburger menu click it then click show original then scroll down to browse the email’s code and pick out the IP addresses you see if you get lucky and they don’t VPN right for Bulk email sending you can sometimes pick out IP addresses in the sender info areas or any area with relevant info and get some ip’s that match areas of suspect for scam origination I know I got a Dehli Udder Prasha IN France Scams Nigerian Prince Scams That Had African IP’s and more