Can someone give me some new tech support (preferably from india)?

I will be starting a stream at:https://www[dot]

You can send me numbers in the chat and i will sure call them

I am a 13 yr old shitfag so dont expect anything too good

Just check out hxxp://, usually get a popup there.

Just restarted the stream because my mic decided to die

Thx R3AP3R


Try that one, i just messed with them for a bit and in their comments i put their IP and stuff.

@FOXYCallum1#5045 thx,do they fall for rats?

@FOXYCallum1#5045 they dont answer anyomore

@mihaimoldovan#5046 No idea, i’m having trouble trying to talk to them as they seem to know me now. He threatened to block my VM and said he had ways of getting around the VM which i just agreed to let him do and nothing happend, so… They’ll probably fall for it. Worth a shot, right? Try FireRTC. That seems to work for me still.

@mihaimoldovan#5047 Does sometimes take a while to get through.

@FOXYCallum1#5049 k,gonna try again

@mihaimoldovan#5050 Im talking to one now.

@FOXYCallum1#5051 keeps ringing and riging,i have waited for 2 mins now and nothing

@mihaimoldovan#5052 On what? FireRTC?

The Number is:


@FOXYCallum1#5053 yep

@mihaimoldovan#5054 Try changing your number or something in settings.

@FOXYCallum1#5055 k

@mihaimoldovan#5056 Can you get through to them?

Works on Skype and yes it’s an Indian call centre.

It’s an Australian number so it’s +611800953468