Can scammers trace firertc calls?

a scammer just told me that they will trace me, but i called from somewhere far away from where i live. can they actually find me?

Nah i don’t think so, but to be sure use a IP Spoofer like i do ?

@FOXYCallum1#2765 how do you spoof your ip?

@Nuwn#2767 I use CyberGhost. Its free.

Just select what country you want to live in and your good to go. Its dangerous if you go on one of their websites or have one connect to your PC without one, i found out the hard way when i was a newbie at this... Back in January, when they found my home town, but to be honest. Thats all they know, not your actual address or anything. Just be sure to remember to turn it on. ?

@FOXYCallum1#2768 okay thank you

@Nuwn#2769 My pleasure.

@FOXYCallum1#2770 how do you call scammers with this enabled? when I try, it doesn’t work.

@Nuwn#2773 What do you use? I use hangouts and it works for me.

@FOXYCallum1#2774 oh okay, i was using firertc.

@Nuwn#2781 I don’t know, i don’t use FireRTC as it never even seems to work for me anyways. Hangouts works just as well though as i found out.

Do you happen to have any fresh numbers, I can’t seem to be able to call the other ones as most of them aren’t working

@MarioHS_Pro#2800 Fresh scammer numbers in general? If so, Call this one - +1 855 559 7512. I absolutely love messing with these guys and get so annoyed when i call up. I often open many hangouts tabs and spam the shit out of the number. The beg me to stop calling, and i don’t lol. Have fun with them ? They seem to come online about 5 o’clock UK time.

@FOXYCallum1#2801 Good work mate, do you think they start later to target the usa time zone

@JoeOnTheCamera#2802 Yeah, definitely as its a USA number. I spam them everyday, its hilarious. I do try and call them a couple of times during the day to see if i can get them but i don’t think they’re online. You can read about them some more here if you like - replace/d/628-hotmail-scam and here replace/d/638-another-support-page

@FOXYCallum1#2805 Great info sir i will defo be checking that out thank you, do you have a youtube channel by any chance i love watching others videos.

@JoeOnTheCamera#2806 Nah, i don’t. I do sometimes think about uploading a video messing with them guys though ?

@LilBroomstick#2808 how do u call scammers in hangouts?