Can Fire RTC be tracked?

Can Fire RTC be tracked? Also, what are some other security measures that can be taken to avoid getting caught?

Just use a VPN. You should be safe though since most scammers aren’t smart enough to tie their shoes.

thank you @FuelDaFlame#6847

No problem, if you need a VPN I’d recommend using cyberghost due to their level of encryption, speed and easy setup.

@isaidmeh#6839 If you need a free one: MEGA

Setup Tutorial:

@R34P3R#6898 THANK YOU SO MUCH, also does the crack stop working if I update the software?

Yes @isaidmeh#6954

@R34P3R#6898 Fire RTC doesn’t work with the VPN, how do I fix?

@R34P3R#6898 Same with discord, it doesn’t work.

@isaidmeh#6958 Use a different country, some people have abused it so some services may require using alternate nodes.

@R34P3R#6984 Also I keep getting logged out, is this because everyone with the torrent is sharing the same account?

The server could be restarting or your connection is cutting out/refreshing. I’d reccomend going to for these questions. @isaidmeh#7013

@R34P3R#6984 I’ve tried every country and it still doesn’t work

Just use the free version.