Caller ID Spoofing

Hello to the Community,
can please someone make a tutorial who to do Caller ID Spoofing against Scammers and this absolutely free. TextNow doesn’t work for me, even with a VPN. Thanks!

You’d need your own PBX. For legal reasons I’d advise against it.

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There are voip services that let you set the CID you want


But which voip services work and how can I do this?

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I have a VoIP service and put a fake caller id and fake caller name. Is that illegal in any way?

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If you don’t own the number or have permission to use it, it is illegal. Not going to tell you not to spoof but if you do, be careful what CID you use. You don’t want to get an innocent person in trouble. If you want tips DM.


May i ask what all you have tried?

I’ll DM for tips tomorrow. Just a heads up to be on the look out. :slight_smile:

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Which voip service do you use? Is it

Yes it is… DM me if you would like to have more info

I’m in the process of buying a decent amount of DIDs from different providers for honey pots. I have no issues with anyone utilizing these numbers for outgoing calls, the whole point of the numbers is to get scammers and other nefarious individuals to call then. If anyone wants a handful of numbers they can use for their CID in outgoing calls, please message me. Not going to post them publicly because that makes it easier for the scammy bois.


looking for same service can any one suggest me a name ?