i wan’t to call techsupports in uk but i can’t call them with FireRTC an i need to pay for skype what can i doo

You should be able to use an app called Sideline which gives you a second number with no info attached. I think it’s available in the UK

and is there anather app or site for the pc

@SuperLinkBro#1828 and is there anather app or site for the pc

Try getting a new vpn I know that sometimes with cyberghost firertc will not work (“Firertc does not work with some networks” - firertc ceo said that I think). A new vpn and firertc should work. Firertc is probably the best thing out there for scam baiting that’s free, so it’s better just to work out the problems with it then to search for a different one.

@ScamBaiter#1835 should you use a vpn to scam bait?

@spookyscambait00#1842 Yes

You can use

or download Opera browser it gives you free VPN built in and i personally use it as i live in India and i had the same issue

Use FireRTC - Start the number with “01144” then the UK number without the 0.

Oh shoot, sorry for bumping up this old message :sad: