Call Spoofing for FreePBX and Asterisk Server

We are boycotting Modder Paul Scambaiting Stream

BluePhoneBuster aka Bluenet#0420 got me to setup his asterisk freepbx system use my code for spoofing (half a million caller ids) and is claiming my code

He has given my code out when I didn’t give permission one of the people using my code is Modder Paul Scambaiting who has him as an admin for the code.

I will be releasing the code for FREE on

Here you go
Add this to extensions_custom.conf

exten => s,1,noop(Entering context ${CONTEXT} defined in extensions_custom.conf)
exten => s,n,Set(foo=${RAND(1,43)}) ;choose a random number between 1 and 43
exten => s,n,noop(choosing random CID #${foo})
exten => s,n,goto(${foo},1)
exten => 1,1,set(CALLERID(number)=206621${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 2,1,set(CALLERID(number)=212989${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 3,1,set(CALLERID(number)=213680${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 4,1,set(CALLERID(number)=281893${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 5,1,set(CALLERID(number)=301373${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 6,1,set(CALLERID(number)=302478${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 7,1,set(CALLERID(number)=304328${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 8,1,set(CALLERID(number)=304329${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 9,1,set(CALLERID(number)=304725${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 10,1,set(CALLERID(number)=305438${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 11,1,set(CALLERID(number)=305531${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 12,1,set(CALLERID(number)=312939${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 13,1,set(CALLERID(number)=314892${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 14,1,set(CALLERID(number)=403362${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 15,1,set(CALLERID(number)=403428${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 16,1,set(CALLERID(number)=403522${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 17,1,set(CALLERID(number)=403762${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 18,1,set(CALLERID(number)=407226${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 19,1,set(CALLERID(number)=407354${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 20,1,set(CALLERID(number)=512327${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 21,1,set(CALLERID(number)=518465${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 22,1,set(CALLERID(number)=602252${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 23,1,set(CALLERID(number)=602808${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 24,1,set(CALLERID(number)=602956${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 25,1,set(CALLERID(number)=609344${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 26,1,set(CALLERID(number)=612870${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 27,1,set(CALLERID(number)=701746${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 28,1,set(CALLERID(number)=701772${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 29,1,set(CALLERID(number)=701795${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 30,1,set(CALLERID(number)=702387${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 31,1,set(CALLERID(number)=702477${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 32,1,set(CALLERID(number)=702859${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 33,1,set(CALLERID(number)=713631${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 34,1,set(CALLERID(number)=713647${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 35,1,set(CALLERID(number)=773248${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 36,1,set(CALLERID(number)=780380${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 37,1,set(CALLERID(number)=780423${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 38,1,set(CALLERID(number)=780538${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 39,1,set(CALLERID(number)=780788${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 40,1,set(CALLERID(number)=780830${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 41,1,set(CALLERID(number)=780852${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 42,1,set(CALLERID(number)=978287${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => 43,1,set(CALLERID(number)=978774${RAND(2,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)}${RAND(1,9)})
exten => s,n,set(passertedid=${SIP_HEADER(P-Asserted-Identity)})
exten => s,n,set(privheader=${SIP_HEADER(Privacy)})
exten => s,n,MacroExit()

Too greek to me lol

hmm idk about this looks fishy

@zaidv0#173123 it picks the first 6 numbers of an area code and spoofs the last 4 numbers and this bypasses any kind of spam detection

No clue what to do with this.

It’s honestly not much use. All it is is an Asterisk script for generating random caller IDs with certain 6 digit prefixes.

What would be more interesting would be to see the contents of the sip.conf file.

Okay, Modder Paul Hucker’s here. I DID NOT KEEP YOUR CODE YOU IDIOT! You don’t even know how to setup FreePBX… so after 4.5 hours of “trying” I gave up, trashed all of your so-called code which I never intended to use and TOLD YOU I WOULD NOT USE IT Because I do not spoof my numbers! I buy actually DID’s with actual permanent caller ID’s.

I told you: you won't be able to do this spoofing after March because of the new rules at the Shaken/Stirred rules from the FTC... You are an IDIOT if you think your random number generator, which by the way is code that any high schooler could write, is not going to work!

Go ahead and boycott my channel: I don't want you or anyone that even remotely appreciates a ass-hat like you to even watch my videos.

As far as your script: it's trash anyway and I'm not even using FreePBX anyway. By the way, I powered up the machine you failed to running 4.5 hours and had it running with within 10 minutes. YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

Also, you dolt: if you spoof numbers, you are missing out on all the scammers who would robocall you if you would just follow the rules and not spoof numbers you sad sack.

So go ahead and throw your fit. We kicked you off permanently from our discord because you can't keep your racist filthy mouth under control.

You are not welcome anywhere from what I can tell and most people despise you.

--Modder Paul Huckers

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Asterisk func rand - VoIP-Info

Shit just went from 0 to 100 real fast.

@raytech70#173212 Ohhh baby, that’s what I call an ole fashioned trip to the woodshed!


@raytech70#173212 if you spoof numbers, you are missing out on all the scammers who would robocall you

This was EXACTLY my thought too!!!

@ToxicJ#173168 WOWEEE… that’s Amazing! You are a MATH GOD! LOL, you are spineless cuck with shit for brains.

@certifried_scambaits#173456 that’s because I leaked it on the FreePBX forums and I almost got banned for it :joy:

@raytech70#173212 how about stop scamming your viewers

ToxiJ is a puny thief who claims code he did not write and then wines when he incorrectly states that others have stolen from him. He’s the type of person who gets beat up in the street an no one steps in to help because they can’t afford to risk having a discussion with his one dimensional personality.

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@ToxicJ#174647 Bull crap. It doesn’t even count as code, you idiot. It’s a configuration script. Any high school student can write it and the instructions are available on numerous wikis. Besides, it’s too simple of a script to begin with and is hardly anything to care about. LOL

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@ToxicJ#175289 I will if you crawl back into the cave from which you emerged.

Time to lock this “Toxic” thread!

@Jhawk#175380 funny one

Why don’t you tell everyone what you did with the money you got from people joining you on youtube?

Cos you haven’t given the people who have paid you nothing in how many months since you started this?