Call recording sound editing - how to equalize volume

Hi everyone,

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. My issue is - I have a pretty epic scambait call and screen recording that I need to edit, censor in places to make it YouTube friendly. However before editing the details, my main issue is that the recording of my side of the call is much louder than the scammer’s side. Obviously I need to adjust my Mic/Desktop Audio feed volumes in OBS Studio before next recording but for an existing recording, what program or feature would I use to equalise the volume of each side, can this be done without me highlighting each of my voice parts and lowering the volume or vice versa to the sections of the recording with his voice on and raising the volume, is there something that will do this smartly for me in one automatic process?

I hope this makes sense! Please help - would be much appreciated!

Much love,