Call Flood Spamming

Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you have any experience with call flooding with a free software? It looks extremely satisfying to see the scammers get so upset, so I would like to give it a go. Any feedback is appreciated!

Sorry, didn’t realize i posted this in the scams section,


Make your own like the rest of us, as far as I know there are no open source call flooders.

@Nuwn#9896 Just use this (, a free sip trunk, and a simple script to initiate calls.

@R34P3R#9950 Is it free?

@Flinty94#9955 It’s a github repository…

@R34P3R#9956 I think he wants to know if it’s under a proper BSD license

@memes#9957 Lol. I’m sure he does.

@R34P3R#9958 Sorry I mean does it connect through Hangouts, FireRTC etc for free calling?

When something is open source it is free. Read and understand the license before you do anything that might be against it.

@Flinty94#9960 No, that’s the purpose of finding a free SIP trunk.

@Flinty94#9960 spam numbers 5093816056 2067366989 2067367022

Flood them! 5092029904 5092029960 5092026627 5097030449