Buying a new PC

Hello people.
I am looking to buy a PC in the next 24 hours.
My budget is £1000
I am in the uk.
I need something that can handle a VM easily.
And do I need a i7 processor or is i5 good?
Is ryzen any good?
Any suggestions?

All the times you’ve heard,”You don’t need all that ram.” Now you can have all 4 slots full and actually use em haha

Just get a MacBook, I think you’ll like it

I would potentially but my mentors all won’t know shit about Mac

It’s not THAT hard lol

Depends what you plan on doing.
When doing the malware shit that I plan on going into one day, you need a mentor

anything works, but try to get more cores. I use an i3 and run a VM, any desk, glasswire, chrome, and streamlabs obs fine, so i5 12400 is plenty
fyi I only have 4 cores


Do you know anything about the ryzen processers?

If you just want to have a single bait VM using virtualbox or vmware workstation, you should be fine with an i5. If you want to start doing real virtualization with (KVM/ESX/Proxmox/Hyper-V) running a virtual network then you’ll want as much RAM and CPU cores as you can get. Ryzens are pretty much just as good as the equivalent speed Intels for this.

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Do you know what the equivalent to i7 is?

They use Apple M processors

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there are a ton of different models within both families, each with there own speed and number of cores.
The Ryzen 5 5600X is roughly equivalent to the i5-12500, but slightly better benchmarks and cheaper.
I think for an i7 equivalent, you’d probably want the Ryzen 7 5700X, but it seems like the intel i7 12xxx family is much stronger.


Thank you bro.
I will probably be going for a per-built off amazon

no problem.

You can use to compare various processors against each other, gives you specs and approximate costs, as well as a benchmark score. I think I remember hearing they were somewhat biased towards Intel at one time so take them with a grain of salt. If you are looking at GPUs you can use to compare those as well. If you want to do gaming, the gpu should be your main focus, if you want to do development or networking then CPU cores and RAM are most important.

There is this good PC on (ships to the UK). It’s 712.56GBP excluding sales taxes and shipping/import fees. This is a good business-type PC that comes with:

Hi guys.
I have gone ahead with this one off amazon

Lenovo IdeaCentre 5 Tower PC (Intel Core i7-10700 processor, 16 GB ram)

Looks good

AMD Ryzen are in a league of their own
There are motherboards available now which accommodate two AMD Ryzen 9 3950X gen 9 - or Threadripper-2950x 32 core processors.
They can also accommodate massive amounts of ram
Epyc processors are all very good and complete overkill for most applications short of full on graphics and processor/memory intensive gaming
The 3950X outperforms the Threadripper.
Prices are coming down all the time.

I hope your motherboard is capable of more RAM, which it should be
A gen 11 i7 with 56 gig of RAM is perfect for setting up multiple VM’s with generous amounts of RAM dedicated to each.

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It’s an alright PC! Plus you ordered a bunch of other stuff too.

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