SERVER - City Auctions

OWNER - decanter1#5289 (UID: 637891571156516864, from the PC Master Race server)

Associated CashApp Account - $petercal1


Associated PayPal Account - [email protected]

Associated Discord Bots:
oscember_23277_53996 (UID: 1140785324079992863)
potato_jantje_58545 (UID: 1140785095393943613)

The scammer is using bots to promote their server, which was freshly created after their old one was banned and claims you can buy PC parts and electronics for 40–50% off with expedited delivery and free shipping from the United States, as their electronics are “r3funded via Amazon.” In order to purchase these electronics, users are asked to create a ticket with a link to the product you want purchased as long as it meets the minimum of $250, so I responded with a link to a Kyocera DuraForce Ultra 5G.

Payments are only accepted through CashApp, PayPal or crypto, so I got him to send me both payment methods. I also tried to send him a Grabify link, but they swiftly banned me.