Business Lending Scam 866-668-2652

Scammer’s Number: 866-668-2652
Domains Used:
Extra Info: The so-called “company” uses spoofed robocalls that automatically go directly to voicemails. The voicemail purports to be “Michael calling you back” though no call was ever made to “the company” for a callback. The callback number given (different from the CallerID) is answered by people as “Pinehurst Funding” who refuse to provide information about the company until they get your email address, Tax ID number, the owner’s personal Social Security number and 6 months of bank statements.
When pushed to prove they’re a legitimate business (such as asking for business license or Secretary of State entity number) they ignore and refer to their website ( They and the website claim to be located at 1001 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90017. However, the leasing agent/building manager confirmed that no such business is located there - verify at - 310-919-1001 (this is a legitimate business not part of the Pinehurst scam)
Pinehurst Funding is the next iteration of ZR Consulting dba US Capital ( which shutdown shortly after a BBB investigation into similar spoofed robocalls and and allegation that the company took someone’s money then stopped communicating with them ( ZR Consulting is suspended by the California Franchise Tax Board for “failure to meet tax requirements (e.g., failure to file a return, pay taxes, penalties, interest)” Their address is shown as 1661 N. Raymond Ave ste 265, Anaheim, CA. 92801.

Pinehurst Funding’s website was a downloaded template from Git Hub Finloans. An artifact of was located at The home page contains the template’s placeholder info. However, the apply and hiring pages ( and both show an address of 1661 N Raymond Ave #265, Anaheim CA 92801 which is the identical address of the suspended ZR Consulting. A WhoIs search reveals that domain ( was created one month after the BBB investigation into ZR Consulting. who is shows a created date of July 2021 (though the “employees” claim to have been in business for over 10 years. I managed to social engineer one employee into revealing Pinehurst Funding use to be US Capital
So, who’s behind it? It seems Zachary Ramirez. He’s found on ZR Consulting’s California Secretary of state documents, his LinkedIn profile states he’s the CEO of US Capital (, and the call center employees acknowledge his role (though they refuse to let you speak to him)

Edited 2/10/22 - original phone number appears to be disconnected. Number on webpage 866-668-2652 still works. They’re still as evasive as possible.

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Hi, following the thin trail of this. Found a George Myrick as VP of Finance of Pinehurst Funding on Linkedin.

Similar page (though it doesn’t give away pictures of staff, or videos of someone – presumably Ramirez – and his training video for employees).

Have a call open with the SBA to inquire who Pinehurst Funding is, how to complain about them, corporate licensing, etc.

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Thank you. I haven’t been on in a while (life stuff). I tried calling and asking for George Myrick to bypass their “funding department”. Didn’t work. They tried to claim Myrick must work in their marketing department. I said “no. he’s the VP of Finance”. They refused to connect and just kept insisting they could help me.

Here is some additional information regarding this scam:

California Secretary of State:
ZR Consulting, LLC (Shows Inactive/Out of Business)


Zachary Ramirez (Principal)
Phone Number 562-391-7099

George Myrick

Ryan Willey

Derek Johnson

Jonathon Pearson - NMLS# 2019726

There is a class action lawsuit filed on 2/24/2022 for robo spam calls from ZR Consulting, LLC or Zachary Ramirez:

If you received a robocall from Zachary Ramirez, then you may be entitled to compensation as you have rights under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). You should contact the class action law firm immediately to join the class and receive compensation for this scam ASAP:

Matthew J. Cunanan
DC Law Group
12055 15th Ave NE, Ste B.
Seattle, WA 98125
Phone: (206) 494-0400
matthew (at) dclawyers (dot) com