Burner Debit Card

Some background info:
I got the (working valid) debit card a few months ago as a gift from a friend, and I used up all the money, but the card is still valid so I thought I might put this here for anyone who needed a debit card verification(all the personal data is fake)

Robin G. Leeson
1665 Ross Street
Shattuc, IL 62283

August 25, 1970
52 years old

4842 2457 4472 3045 CVV 031
Expires 04/23

Email: [email protected]

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Thank you

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Thank you.

If you want to easily make a burner debit card, you can buy a low amount prepaid Visa/Mastercard from an online gift card shop and use that.

This is for people who either don’t want to pay or can’t pay, but yes, you can buy a prepaid debit card.

Company owners can use commercial card issuing programs to create burner cards. For example, Stripe Issuing creates a “Celtic Bank Corporate Purchasing Visa Credit” making scammers think that you’re rich or using company money.