Bubble PC Scam

Over the past few months I have had several interactions with a former employee of this company, who has given inside information about their practices, scams, and how they operate. Well, yesterday I decided to give David Capaz (their owner) a call, he denied any information I had about this scam and continued on a hate filled diatribe about myself, and other callers being slanderous. Upon baiting him later that day I was able to get a callback from one of their technicians (based in Noida contrary to what he said), their numbers are below. Feel free to report him anywhere you like, you can find his info by searching for a David Capaz in Toronto, Ontario. Have some fun with this, he is extremely quick to threaten legal action, but to no avail. Their websites are bubblepc.info, bubblepc.com, bubblepc.net, and bubblepc.co. The only way to find any information about their owner is on http://bubblepc.net/about_us.html, and it is simply his name with a stock photo.

Number from website (connects to David): +1-888-411-7077
Technician/Pop-up number: +1-888-203-9661

You can check out more details, updates, and photos here https://hackersarise.co/showthread.php?tid=159