Bsod popup


# +1 866 201 4097

Works but asshole hung up within 20 seconds

Wow, these guys are something. I called them and said i had a virus on my computer and then he began swearing at me in Hindi so i asked him how he knew i was going to bait him and he said because i used a unknown number, so if you want to bait them, don’t use hangouts lol. We actually had a proper chat about what he was doing wrong which he admitted to but then he said he wanted to know where i was from so i told him the UK where i actually am from and then he said that its okay to steal from people in the UK because we stole from them when we took over India all them years ago and we stole the diamond on the Queen’s crown. I told him that we cant change the past but we can change the present and what your doing now needs to stop. I asked him that is he threatened by his boss if he leaves and he said he was the boss which was complete bull, so when i asked him again he hung up. Then i called back and got him again and surprisingly didn’t hang up again. He then told me the that Indiawas much richer than the UK and that everyone there is smarter than us, which i said to him “Is that why everyone scams people?” He avoided the question and then goes back to how we stole from them. I can’t really remember the rest but there was definitely more. If i remember something else i will edit it in.

Still working ?

They hang up fast

@SuperLinkBro#4711 Sometimes you need to call a few times to actually speak to someones, its a little buggy but eventually you will get through to some one. I’ve been messing with them for about 2 weeks and some guy recognised who i was and said the fake name i gave him which was Hugh. They do get suspicious if you call from a unknown number like i did and they automatically new i was messing with them.

@FOXYCallum1#4731 My alias is Hugh Janus ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

@Flinty94#4736 Haha, i told him my name was Hugh Mungos.

@FOXYCallum1#4744 Mungus*

@1337mathster#4749 Nah, Mungos because sometimes they catch me out on it.

Amazon really needs to take some initiative against social engineering content on their hosting platforms.