BrotherTech and RW Global (Copperheads Company)

Caught them spamming google with 888-304-0053

Other numbers:
866-513-4039, 800-935-0764


Called the first number and I think it’s just one guy. Wasted 30 minutes of his time with soundboards. He kept bringing up the fact he was Chinese and asked if I knew American presidents so he could presumably take shots at America. Same thing with religion as well. Typical human scum. Had a fun time though, I might fuck with him again if I get free time and this shitheads operation doesn’t get taken down.

I found the owners facebook, phone number, and possibly address. They are going to get some hell from me for sure @76561198136846949

@StopPhoneScammers#9949 Are you gonna dox him?

@StopPhoneScammers#9802 I called these dumb scammers. I rick rolled them at the end. He liked my singing. 100% a scam.

@StopPhoneScammers#9949 Good to hear. My friend and I fucked with him again with big smoke’s order and such. The guy gets so riled up so easy. Another 30 minutes of his scamming time wasted. :slight_smile: