BobRTC Tutorial and Troubleshooting Guide

BobRTC is a free scambaiting service which you can use to call scammers safely and easily. This FireRTC alternative also lets you spoof callerID, has a built-in autodialer, it can blast scammers with several calls using the DialParty function and there are AI driven voice bots for the maximum of fun. Enjoy free international calls to UK, France, Germany and Australia and many other features. Forget about SpoofCard or all the other paid, expensive VoIP apps. Scambaiting has never been easier before. Learn now how to call scammers for free with this awesome scambaiting tutorial. This free calling app can be used both on PC and on smartphone via mobile browser.
The video also helps you with troubleshooting and fixing common errors. Scroll to the correct section in the video to see how it get fixed.

:tv:BobRTC: The free scambaiting phone service - Tutorial