BobRTC login

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask about problem with BobRTC account/login (so I just ask here in case other people here has some answer). I haven’t used my BobRTC account for a while and during my “break” it has been a change in the login procedure (through BaitArmy). I don’t get anywhere with my old BobRTC details (and no response on ‘Forgot password’), so as I see it I have to sign up at BaitArmy. I can’t see that a brand new account “somewhere else” can find and lead me to my old BobRTC account. Does anyone here know how I can get to my old BobRTC account?

You had to migrate your old account over to BaitArmy, but I believe that date has passed. You can try the following link…

Otherwise, you probably need to create a new account.

Bobrtc mod here. Migrations were closed on August 20 and older matrix accounts have been deleted. Please register for a new account on in order to continue using BobRTC

I kind of suspected a reply like that, so that was what I did. Thank you anyway. :slight_smile: