BobRTC/Bait Army - I've had a break and want to get involved again

So, I used to be a member of BobRtc way back when it began 3-4 years ago.

I was having a blast calling up scammers wasting their time and racking up so many calling credits.
Using the bots on them, I built up quite a very good lot of sounds and annoying pranks to play.
I then got busy, and stopped doing it.
I now have some time and want to have a go again, but it doesn’t seem to be easy to either find my old
account nor create a new account.

I’m using it from Sydney, Australia they don’t seem to take new logins until a certain time of day?
7am to 8pm EST/EDT Monday through Friday

I’m curious what time that might be here in Australia?

Please help, I really liked the old platform, probably was driving the scammers mad so, I bet it’s a target.


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Welcome back :blush:

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BOBRTC account registrations are closed until Jan 2 2022 (technically Jan 3 because Jan 2 falls on a Sunday lol). They ended up migrating from discord auth to some other auth and after that accounts that hadn’t migrated after a specific date to the new service were basically deleted as they were practically believed to be inactive or something (If I’m not wrong).

Everyone had to migrate their old Bob account to “Baitarmy”. I’m not sure if they’re still migrating, but here is the link back from Aug. If not, then you’ll have to sign-up for a new account.

Doesn’t appear to be still migrating. Just had a go at migration.

Thats ok, I’ll have a break and find myself a new account in the new year.


BobRTC has indicated, help will be available starting next month.

They are no longer migrating according to a bobrtc mod on a different post who was saying the same thing, apparently there was a specific deadline to do so and that had passed.

FYI – From BobRTC – " Registrations will open again after February 2, 2022. Until then, registrations will be rejected."


Yeah, I noticed it changed from 2 Jan to the 2nd Feb.
Must be a pain to try and keep out those pesky scammers.

I will continue to try once 2nd Feb has come around.
Hopefully I too can frustrate those scammers with my voice changer and other sound effects, collected for the cause.


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