BobRTC 1 week - Review

First of all I want to thank each and everyone that has bought BobRTC to us, and made it so simple to help the push back on these scammers. Great concept great execution even in these early stages.

Personally I'm quite new to this and understand it's actually quite important that we band together and assist with the push to make these scammers aware they are now the target. Not the other way around.
I too have had some great giggles along the way.

So, after a week of dialling I would like to give a few ideas on how it could work for the better, if thats actually possible. =============================

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    I think the VOIP phone number needs to have a state or city it's "attached" to.

    Being from Australia, I have no idea, I could aways look it up I guess.

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    Somehow highlight numbers that seem to be getting good amount of hit/time so we can meet in there and just give them hell in that call centre.

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    Amount of times I have tried calling a number, because it's always changing it's hard to track which one you called last.

  • I personally can't wait for the multi dialler and other great features mentioned in comments on the starting day.

    Also, I would like to point out these are all just ideas, I have no idea the amount of work involved to get it to work nor work well.
    Again it' already an unbelievable platform simple and VERY effective.
    I have found very few issues when using Google Chrome, on my iMac.

    I would love to get a VM operational but can't seem to allocate it enough resources.
    More experimenting and Youtube will probably sort that out.

    For now however, I call them up waste their time and troll them whenever I can.

    Take care

    Yeah I like bobrtc. I used to say for years just like scammers have call centers people here in America need call centers to combat these scammers. But this is cool. You can do this in your own home no bosses.

    i do it when i have spare time, it’s a great opportunity for a great cause.

    I would suggest to put “ABC”, “DEF” “GHI” etc in the touch-tone pad. Frequently the scammer phone prompt asks to “DIAL BY NAME”

    @drwat#100407 Added to the suggestions list. Great suggestion!

    Is it practical to implement independent Volume slider bar? It comes handy in several situations.