Any time I call a scammer over bobrct I get no audio, explanation someone?


@slippip01#119929 If the call isn’t hanging up, but is in-fact staying connected, then this is definitely a rarer problem. Before the call attempts to connect, do you hear the brief tone that plays, or is there no sound from the webpage whatsoever? This is most likely caused by something blocking WebRTC, or disturbing the real-time audio stream to the servers. Make sure you have no privacy oriented browser extensions running, are disconnected from any VPNs/proxies (it is possible to use one, just trying to rule out all issues for now), have no hardware/software firewall blocking certain types of traffic, are not on a cellular network and most importantly, that you are using one of the supported web browsers. Internet Explorer, the non-chromium version of Microsoft Edge, Safari versions under 11, and other outdated or privacy-centric browsers are NOT supported and will not work with BobRTC.

I hope one of these helps, but please comment back if not.

Thank you

Thanks for your time, still no luck after disabling my vpn, I am connected in the call but still no audio, I’ve just resorted to using Skype with the numbers but disabling caller ID