Black mail scammer +234 916 283 8793

Scam Number: +234 916 283 8793
Scammer’s Website or Email: scammer is on Snapchat and whatsapp
Additional information about this scam: this is a blackmail scam he pretends to be a girl and tries to get you to send nudes to him and then says he will send it to all your friends if you don’t send money. I ended up spam calling him and got him to show his face I got his Whatsapp to heres a picture of the scammer

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The picture didn’t come through but report this to
These type scumbags are evil and have led to teens and others committing suicide.

Ok thanks I report him and here’s a picture of him

When reporting, Please let them know in one of the information about the scam boxes that you have a picture that he sent to you that is likely him. That is if there is no way to attach it. Thanks