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I have been scammed and trying to find some info about the still running scam. It is called QT Coin Exchange reachable under . They even have an Android and IOS App. Still not that much to find about it so just for you guys to Inform that this is a classic Trading exit Scam. Luring you in with big promises of building a trading group. At first withdrawals are working perfectly. But after 2-3 Months of trading after trying to withdrawal you cannot trade anymore and withdrawals are blocked. the exchange is accusing me that i have used illegal trading tools and my account is under review. Has been like that for 6 weeks and i doubt that anything will ever work again. But they are still scamming other people with that same website. Kind of annyoing. Support is still answering. So just for you guys to get warned. If anyone has any ideas on how to at least take this website offline or disturb them i would appreciate any help. Others just be warned not to invest in it. Best regards


Hey by me the same!
They tell me all the time since 1 month my KyC must be approve. Always problems.

You can report this by Hoster!
Hoster you find here:

Report by google

And here :

And FBI…

By you the same like me? A Asia girl write you and show you trading?

Something news?

The website is written in simple Java Script and there is usually a backend that manages the accounts. If one is able to access that we can approve the withdrawals by ourselves.

Sadly no news here. Website still prohibits withdrawals. The customer support replies with standard replies that the investigations are still in progress and the Asian girl that lured us into the game writes on telegram that she is busy at the moment. Very sad hope that everyone is able to read this and gets warned. Does anyone know a good hacker i guess that is the only way to get our money back.

after 8 weeks of waiting there arrived some new method today. now they want to scam the scammed again. want me to add an extra 20% to the account to be able to withdraw all of it. hmmm very obvious and did not earn enough money on me i guess.

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Same thing going on with me. I was lured in by crazy analyst from Telegram. He worked with me for 3 months to gain my trust by giving me profitable trading signals. Then after generating some very good profits (imaginary I’m sure), he told me market condition is very good and asked me to add 50k and he will loan me 100k so with a 200k account I can be making 20k a day. When I told him no, he gave bad signals to demolish my account then said if I put in 10k, he will loan me 10k and he will help me recoup the loss in 20 days. I asked him questions about the losing trades and he couldn’t give me satisfactory answers. I then told him no and wanted to just withdraw the remaining fund but am unable to because my account is now suspected of using illegal trading equipment. They asked me to deposit 10% of my account balance to get audited before I can withdraw any fund. I told them to take the 10% from my account and send me the rest. Now they are saying by June 29 (45 days) I can withdraw my fund. Let’s see what happens then. I am not holding my breath…

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on our case they told us to pay an extra 20%. which none of us did. we are a group of people running into that same crap. i am excited if we find more people here. we already reported it to the police 6 weeks ago. but i am not sure if they will or can do anything. i am pretty sure in 6 weeks nothing will happen again. i already traced back some of the money of the wallets from them. the all seem to end on a ftx wallet. that one already contains about 100 Million USDT.

We can report by godaddy and cloudflare it’s the domain and Hoster from the site.
Let’s report by twitter and by telegram.

Can you show the wallet? And adress. Let’s report to exchange and FBI this wallet.

The same store my here too, he can lend me 30K to recover lost, but I must pay 20.000 more.

Now they tell pay 10% to get money back or wait 45 days.

This 45 days it’s only time that we not write and have more time to scam more peoples.

I thinks it’s a big group! Because this Scam Support is 24/7 time writing.

Maybe it’s a big scam company from South Korea.

Maybe we can report this wallet? That no exchange let them pay out?

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Exactly. Pay 10% or wait 45 days and promise I can withdraw fund. The guy who scammed me (user name crazy analyst from Telegram) said he is Korean too. He said he was some big shot CEO with a company headquartered in Singapore and operate in many countries but apparently still has time to give me trading signals when he trades and help me make money.

these are the wallets i followed the money with only seeing the biggest transactions. the last one is the FTX Wallet:

But i already asked terra usdt, but only authorities can to a freeze or and regain of the funds. and the ones here in europe are kind of slow in doing so. is there an us citizen who can report it to the FBI ?

in our case it was a japanese girl. kind of wierd. isn’t there something else we can do ? i guess to police is working so slow. we already reported it to go daddy and cloudflare months ago. but no reaction. we cannot report it to the fbi since we are no US citizens. isn’t there a good hacker out who can help us explore and pentest the website ? i guess it should be easy doable.

Same here. said this person(female) was from South korea but I think its a guy from China because. Got angry at being called out and threatened me that he could do worse especially because of the ID theft. Still out thousands and upset.
Person was souless when stop being fake.

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Can we trust FBI to do right by us? I don’t.

if it comes to authorities i guess they are the only ones with enough technical know how to be able to do it. but it will probably take years. I am not sure if there is then some money left. that is why i mean if someone knows a really good penetration tester, that would be much easier.

We need to decide what our budget is, how much to chip in(based on our loss),do we pay by hour or when project is completed and money is recovered. Who knows how to do the hiring?

We can hire one. Who knows how to come up with a plan?

I have a idea, the YouTuber “Scammer Payback” have 2.4 Mio follower. And he something’s bring money back or scam scammers :slight_smile: maybe he can do something. But I don’t know how to contact him.