Binary Scam

Hi, my name is Mauricio Guevara Prada, call me Moe, I live in Bogota, Colombia, I have invested 1000 USD, myself 300 USD, my mom 500 USD, Ricardo 100 USD and German 100 USD, I have a cousin that is involve with this new wave of trading, and she told us about it and everybody was very excited, that was four months ago almost five months, and what we only receive is excuses coming from the company Binary, I don´t know what is the name of the company because my cousin is so secretive about it, I know how ever that the person in charged in a guy called James, my cousin keeps on saying the money is coming but no money. Please help me getting this freaking bastards. Thank you.

Apparently it’s a Exchange like company, Given the fact that you lost $1,000 USD in total this will normally be dismissed by the company for “Lack of Direct Payment”. Companies do not like to use other official documentation of a scam that involves other companies, Let’s say someone used PayPal to Bitcoin on coinbase, Coinbase nor PayPal want to deal with the X And X Company that received the money and refuses to refund you.

However I’m unaware of banking laws In colombia, So I wouldn’t know if there’s a limited window of time to prosecute the perpetrators for Fraud. In the United States fraud can be prosecuted up to 7 years. In the UK It’s about 2 to 3 years. Depending on the value and other factors.

Banks in Colombia rather not deal with scammers, It costs them money. They’d impose fees or other legally acceptable punishments to force someone to pay. So I’d dig around and find what bank he uses, Contact them In person and explain the situation. Obviously he appears to be pulling an “Exit Scam” and doesn’t want to refund the money.

4 to 5 Months Investments seems fine if you did it yourself. However With Cryptocurrency he’d made a fairly small payout. Given 4 to 5 months ago, BTC Was around $30k to $45k USD the amount he’d have made off of $1000 Wouldn’t be much compared to $12k. He Might of cashed out given the state of colombia’s wealth.

I’ll Attempt to assist but doubt I’ll be able to assist you further than I’ve already have.

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Well, yes, I will try to find out more information about, what my cousin did, ´cause I have no idea how I can proceed with this, my cousin is trying to save some money but I guess she couldn´t do that much. let me find out, let me see if I can get some name out of it.

Social Engineering is a Scam baiters best friend, figure out a name and We’ll try our best to bring awareness to the problem.