Big scam

Scam Number: 877-201-6540
Domain Used:
Extra Info:


Called them now… talking to Jimmy now😂

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I am bit confuse it Robin is only posting about them and since he have made the profile is posting only about them and as I called them they already know someone have posted their number here and they were saying they provide transcription service and they just sell Dragon software so I think Robin is trying to play the game

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Not sure this is a scam either. The only thing is they use fake names. Im not going to buy the software to test it. speech to text software. They had no want to remote connect and offered over the phone help for the software. Might be good idea to remove this report until you have something hard on them.

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I just finished talking to “Sakib” on the phone, and I feel that this might not be a scam. He told me that his company resells this dragon software after buying it from big companies. He also told me that his company doesn’t use remote software to connect to his client’s computers, or do refund scams. Is it based in India? Of course. Is the website shady? Sure, but there could be some truth to what he’s saying. He could be playing me, I do realize that, but after talking to him on the phone for 30 minutes, he might not be what this post is leading us to believe. I think we should look more into this, because if it’s really not a scam, and he’s just been getting harassed for nothing, then this post should be taken down.