Bhanchut Locker

This is a screen-locker to use in scambaiting. I’ve added a bunch of funny scam-baiting things into it so check it out. You control the lock with a password and it will not lock without your permission. The download link is: MEGA and the file scan is: VirusTotal . All the anti-virus’ said it was clean except one, which was obviously false-positive.

@scambaiter633#10731 Can you make a video on how to use it and what to do? I’ve installed it but its not doing anything.

I smell a rat.

@FOXYCallum1#10737 it’s easy, run the installer and then enter a password of your choosing in both the boxes, so type it then re-enter. Then press ‘secure vindows’ and it locks your screen with a funny pic until u enter the password.


@FOXYCallum1#10737 You have to open the program, it doesn’t automatically do it.

@scambaiter633#10782 Oh yeah, i had to restart the VM for some reason.

@FOXYCallum1#10784 oh ok

@scambaiter633#10781 ok then I’ll say something different: I smell a mouse. JK, great tool btw

@heinekenprince#10802 Thanks :slight_smile:

@scambaiter633#10806 hahaha the scammer was shocked to see ur tool. She legit thought it was a popup.

@scambaiter633#10806 how did u make it btw?

To be honest, who cares if its a rat? It’ll be downloaded on a VM anyway.

@heinekenprince#10811 Visual Basic in Visual studio community edition 2017.

@FOXYCallum1#10823 Yeah

@scambaiter633#10888 oh cool. Maybe you can upload a tutorial or something on how u made it. Im gonna try making something similar myself

Look up Visual Basic Windows Forms tutorial on YouTube @heinekenprince#10890. VisualBasic (BASIC) is one of the easiest programming languages that one can learn.

.vbs script, Wow

@Flame#10921 thanks!

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