Beware of HP Cold Calls

Hello all,

I just got off the phone after messing with a cold call HP scam.

They had a desktop serial number of mine from 2007 (which hasn't worked for 2 years because of a power supply and motherboard failure), and said that the desktop was sending them messages that my computer couldn't update. They knew my name as well.

In addition, they spoofed their phone number: (800) 473-4732 was the number that appeared on caller-id. THIS IS A GENUINE HP PHONE NUMBER, but spoofed for the scammer's usage.

If anyone's wondering how I messed with them, I told them to hold and initiated a three-way conference call and put the genuine HP HQ on the line and said that I have a scammer on the line. The scammer said: "Smart move motherfuc()ing bi()ch."

I have been getting calls from "HP Support" for about 6 months or more now. Makes me wonder where they get this info, and if the Genuine HP call center in India is behind all of this.

@Scambuster800#12154 Your name and serial number have to be available in some database. A lead generator is selling it. The best way to identify the scammer is to ask for their website. Then their call back number will be listed.

Dang that’s pretty sophisticated