Best sip provider for scambaiting

hello everyone,
I have been looking for a sip provider to use in order to call scammers and a spoof a number every time, but apparently most of the ones I find when I search online are intended for businesses only, and has price tags of at least $30/month.
so I was really wondering if there are any sip providers which are convenient for scambaiting in terms of both price, and functionality

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I use BulkVS, one of the best sip providers for cheap in my option and the best part is you pay what you use. You deposit a minimum $25 on your account and use that as your calling credit. They also credit your account for calling toll free numbers too.

All you have to do is despot $25 and pay for a number for just $1 a month.

Pair BulkVS with freePBX and you got yourself an ultimate, powerful calling server


that sounds amazing!
I wonder if it has number spoofing each call because that would be great

Yes it allows caller ID spoofing but spoofing the number can be done through FreePBX and not through the provider itself