Best C2 framework right now?

Hi all,
I was wondering what you guys think is the best C2 Framework out there at the moment to use?

I’m trying to decide between Covenant, Empire, Cobalt Strike and Havoc Framework. Does anyone have any suggestions on which is working best for you at the moment?

Also, random question, but for those that take such actions against scammers, do you often find they have up to date PC’s with AV or are they more often on old, out of date OS versions with no anti-virus running?

Ratbag x

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This is old but for others who find it like me, I’d recommend Caldera. It’s free and open source, but don’t expect all the work to be done for you. If you plan to get past AV you’re gonna need to modify the rats. But it provides a good framework to get started on.

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