Best Buy Geek Squad callback (?) 850-463-0992

Scam Number: 850-463-0992
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: “Jack William” called me and I called back to confirm the number. He said I had tried to cancel my subscription.


850-463-0992 Jack William Tuesday 2-13-24 10:14AM EST


This one is active again. I got the same call this morning. Confirmed the number is working to call them. Phone gave message that the number was busy but then i got an immediate call back from the scammer.

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same, received call back early am - (850) 463-0992 - 20 seconds of the scammers talking in background on my VM, but seemed no other activity.

I wonder if a scam group recycled their call logs to do outbound calls without filtering out the scambaiters or even better sold their list to other scammers knowing these numbers were on there. :rofl: