Benchmark business funding losers

These turned up while I was searching for the tens of thousands of Spectrum numbers and is too stupid sounding for words
Just let the recordings do the talking about the legitimacy of this ridiculous twaddle.
There is literally hundreds of this sort of rubbish in every block of Spectrum numbers I’ve listed. Sometimes there is hundreds of them in consecutive blocks

4793518208 Benchmark Business funding
4793518214 Benchmark Business funding

They should change the name to Benchod Financial.

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These shithead turned up about five minutes or so ago fairly close to each other
More ultra legitimate sounding garbage tens of thousands of people fall for

3023432312 Healthcare enrollment center
(Hundreds of numbers listed elsewhere in a thread or three)

3023432591 Lower bills USA

Some of these shitheads sound suspiciously American (the ones I spoke to did).