(beginner scambaiter) free voip

Hello guys! and thank you for having let me in! i am a beginner scambaiter, i am looking for a free voip phone, thank you! i am also using hotspot shield VPN; i cannot get it to tunnel the v. machine. i have it set up in my v.m. and locked with my lockbox. ip geolocators tell that it works, it displays the id of the remote location.

also, is there any risk of being arrested?? i do not live in india, so their jurisdiction doesnt apply. i just wanna make sure :slight_smile:

thank you so much

have a great day and happy scambaiting!!!

Pffffttt getting arrested? Yeah the scammers are gonna tell the police.

Yeah bro you’re going to be arrested for trolling phone scammers :joy:

Don’t worry about getting arrested haha, I’d recommend using Textnow as a free voip service, not sure what to do with the VPN though.

hi guys! an thank you for the replies. i knew i wasn’t getting arrested, better safe than sorry.

i tried textnow and can’t get it working, it doesnt send me any pin code. will definitely keep trying!

If you want to bait on mobile you can use Talkatone, but don’t use your real name and email to make an account.

thanks! trying that rn- i have a fake identity already for scammers :slight_smile:

i plan on using my mobile to call and a vm to syskey and delete files

Your free to scambait around the country :blush::laughing:

yeaaah they do be gettin’ those syskeys!!!

When using a VM, I’d recommend following Jim Browning’s tutorial at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TM45vNI4Qc This can make it look like a real machine to trick scammers.

thanks, and yup, saw it a day ago or so, my vm is ready to shine!!

ps successfully installed talkatone and called one number at least 10 times saying benchod and stuff

they were quite irritated :joy::joy:

If you want to broaden your vocabulary a little, try this.


thanks dude! just printed it lol

mission halfway completed: one number after 15 or so verbal abuse calls seems to be down, the scammer in one of the last ones was like “pfffft”

and other three numbers blocked me after a dozen verbal abuse calls each

the thing is… i can’t find any technical support