Beginner Scam baiter

I have been watching KITBOGA on Youtube for sometime now and was hoping someone can tell me where I can find some info on setting up a baiting station as well as where I can get some burner numbers. I am familiar with computer security, so that’s not an issue, I just don’t know what software people use to call and record scammers.

There are many tutorials out here, there are also many forum threads on how to do it (Just search the forum for virtual machine setup). If you don’t want to invest much time in it I would recommend you to use the the scambaiting VM from the BobRTC team(made for VirtualBox)

No extra setup needed.

For calls you can either use Skype (works with tollfree), TextNow (If you are in the US) and most importantly BobRTC.
Thats a platform made to call scammers, you can also call tolled numbers using 'credits' (You can achieve them by dialing toll-free numbers alot), it has tons of features like Talkbots, Voice Changer and Recordings.
You only need a discord account to sign up:

multivitamin, thank you. You have been most helpful.