Bakrichood#3 Tech Support


Tried to scam by asking me to pay using gift card.
Claims to fix issues related to facebook that also includes getting your hacked facebook account back.
Scammer also claims to refund money once the issue is solved, the transaction is just a security deposit.
Scammer asked me to send the picture of the back of the gift card via this email; [email protected]
No website with me unfortunately.

Kept the guy on phone for 45 min ?


Yesterday I called them got him so mad because he started asking for me for picture. showed him fake picture. asked a id, photoshopped a fake id and show it and made it look like scanned with scanner. then he asked to take a picture of my photo. even asked me to install app on my phone to show my face and told him it said I don’t have space to install it.

Got an another number of their 347 732 5254


It’s not dead.

I think I just killed it at least for now ? Gave them a silence treatments with 7 bots. They started using profanity at silent bots lol.

what is silents bots

Does not say anything. Just spam calls to scammers.

i call is number up 347 732 5254 its so funny

@ajaykool#1573 Indian scambaiting Indian?