Bakrichood#2 Tech Support

This number is still live.


They claim to provide assistance with Skype.

No official link with me unfortunately.


i called them many times with a meme soundboard

i spammed airhorns and nopes and i think they went offline or they blocked me

They tend to go off for a bit and eventually come back. Make sure you spoof your number. Nice work though ?

i use FireRTC and im recording it too

i pointed out to one scammer that i had all weekend to waste their time and they suddenly became very interested and asked for my name again

i responded with “my name is” and spammed the airhorn and hung up


i made them go offline twice in a row via Donald Trump, Spy and Medic

These guys are still up, scammer picked up but was silent. I made him speak by saying obnoxious shit about his parents and siblings, that is their weakness and then he starting swearing at me, love to hear these scammer burn off ?

Yesterday I called them got him so mad because he started asking for me for picture. showed him fake picture. asked a id, photoshopped a fake id and show it and made it look like scanned with scanner. then he asked to take a picture of my photo. even asked me to install app on my phone to show my face and told him it said I don’t have space to install it.

Got an another number of their 347 732 5254