Bakrichood#1 Tech Support


I was able to steal actual popup package from their server ?
I have already submitted the package to antivirus vendors.

Perk achievement:
Wasted their more than 15 hours on the same day. (Half of it was bots I developed.)

Cell# 1-844-369-0722


P.S. I harassed the shit out of em because I am also fluent in Indian language.


Calling them right now, FireRTC works

Unavaliable with FireRTC

It works on and off from time to time. I believe they deactivate the number for time to time. Like I said I harassed the shit of them.

[“Bakrichood tech support”,“Bakrichood#1 Tech Support”]



It’s not dead. Just because it is not setup to receive calls does not mean it’s dead., I just talked to them.

@w0tm8#1603 Where did ya learn Hindi?