Baited by

I was looking around for different ‘methods’ when I encountered this telegram”. He/she scams others who think they can make some extra cash by spending little cash. Here is the link to the channel. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS GUY HE WILL RUN OFF WITH YOUR MONEY. Please mass report it as I would like to see it get taken down entirely.

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Scammer gets scammed :rofl:

Hey mate is he using BTC or palmpay to receive funds if so and you get the details I can report them

This is a scammer trying to buy ‘methods’ to scam people. Don’t give them any help.

This is the link to his telegram scam selling page

This dude is a scumbag

I’ll look into it all I’m saying is they are happy to send details palm pay they use alot along BTC

I’m no scammer bro lmao I can promise you that.

Hey, he is using bitcoin, but he doesn’t have it publicly available so you can most def ask him for it.

That’s what all scammers say. So until proven innocent. You’re nothing but another scammer. sorry. I have investigated you for several hours tonight and come to the consultation your a drug dealer or a scammer, either way, It’s not a lifestyle we want around.

What kind of investigation did you do to conclude that I am a scammer? Maybe if you were to click on this dudes telegram would you see that I’m no scammer, rather I just got scammed. So before you go and say you did ‘hours of investigation’ on a thread of 6 chats, maybe do some research on this guys telegram.