I have developed a piece of software, that lets you auto mass call scammers! You just have to enter the credentials of any FireRTC account(which is just used by you) and the scammers number and press start. The program needs the credentials, because you are automatically logged out from FireRTC if you close chrome.


4.5 .NET Framework
Google Chrome as your default browser (settings/default-apps)

Have fun :wink:



Warning to all users: Try out user posted software at your own risk.

Use of a VM for testing is advised.

upload some online virus scans then ill decide if i want your rat or not.

Nice rat conner, You deserve a ban kiddo.

Ban him.

already talking to staff.

it says setup.exe. like that isnt shaddy already



Glad I didn’t download that.

Ip logger? Try and ddos my server?

And get caught.