Australian printer tech support scam: 1-800-531-586

got human at 3am MST.

Phishing site reported to google but still active at

Registrant Organization: Alfa Infosystem

Registrant State/Province: Delhi

Registrant Country: IN

Alpha Infosystem
Wazirpur, Delhi

Australian number +61 1800 531 587 also goes to the same scammer

Info I got on them: Site report for | Netcraft

Just trolled them!


Thanks for the info, using what you found I dug a little further and found out that almost every site the hosting company "Hawk Host Inc." owns is a blatant fraud site, meaning the whole company is likely fraudulent. here is a list of all the other fraud sites they own. Check em out, pretty much all fraudulent e-commerce sites or other scams.

*update, In google reviews, people are claiming to have been scammed by the host company "Hawk Host inc." when attempting to host websites with them, further implying that the company "Hawk Host inc." is a fraudulent company. The address listed as "Hawk Host Inc." headquarters leads to a Shoppers Drug Mart store in Fergus, Ontario. Canada.

@TheJackalope#188182 Thanks! taking HawkHost to Netcraft now! I reported them to Cloudflare, their hosting provider.