Australia Norton Installation Scam

Scam Number: text
Scammer’s Website or Email:

Additional information about this scam:

chat link :

Fake Norton websites of scammer:
Company Registration Name :Infinity IT SErvices
IP and Registration of Scam Websites :
Jammu and kashmir India

Have emailed the hosting provider and the IT cell as well to get more information along with phone numbers and email id of the scammer

Take action right away to make the scammer pay for fooling innocent people

Check screenshots aswell

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PayPal message:

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Same Ramez Khan from Kupwara, Kashmir

I am guessing this is the Resigstrant of that website as he has “infinityitservices” website on his facebook!

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Another scammer from Jammu and Kashmir was exposed by Jim Brownin and Trilogy Media.
Scammer Munir Abbas Mir

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I love them guys! I should put together a video of what I just posted here for a video for youtube, haha

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Yes same one! Also check this out, found his contact info!

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Same Indian phone number Ramiz Khan