Attn Dear Beneficiary

Email sender: Mrs.Kristalina Georgieva [email protected]
Email title: Attn Dear Beneficiary

Attn Dear Beneficiary

After a meeting held this morning concerned those who had consigned
fora long time. has been turned to abandon consignment please come
forward right now because it has been signed by the New US President.
Joseph Robinette Biden this morning time that this compensation of
$10.8million Dollars will release through help of President,
And he promised that any foreign fund which was held by previous
Government should be release to the owners and he also made a promised
that this year 2022 should favour everyone who has a transaction over
which has not been completed due to corona virus problem or the other
please no waste of time or delay because opportunity like this come
but once, come forward with your new address if you have changed your
base and still alive after this corona virus problems,

And if you made a mistake your package will be posted in the wrong
direction and
it will take more days to connect it directly to your correct address so
be careful and do not make a mistake.

Mrs.Kristalina Georgieva

Managing Director (IMF)
And Chairwoman

Whatsapp number;+1 903-403-6056



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I guess I’m going to have to give them a slap via email for that. Don’t send me a phone number that doesn’t work or you will suffer my wrath :rofl:

I just replied to the email with this:

What the hell??? You sent me a Whatsapp number that doesn’t work. That’s not a good way to work with me on this. You better start doing your job.

Sincerely and with no respect at all.