ATTENTION: Do Not Call This Number

Hey fellow scambaiters,

Please do not call this number. It is being widely spoofed by scammers as it’s a leaked number belonging to a fellow scambaiter.



I had that happen to me last year too.


Me as well, I got calls from victims of Facebook/PayPal scammers who spoofed my Google Voice line.


Someone who used to be a member here, posted some of HIS numbers and forwarded the calls to actual scammers. As far as we knew, we were just calling scammers, but he got a lot of our numbers.
He then started calling scambaters using some of my numbers!! And calling me with spoofed numbers from other baiters. It was a mess and he was doing this to several of us. I was getting calls all the time and it became so bad that I changed several of my numbers.
He is a childish, low-achieving POS


I’ve actually started getting calls all day long from regular people saying I had called them. I just keep telling them scammers are spoofing my number. I think this is happening because I’m really pissing off the scammers. At least the middle of the night wake up calls have stopped. :joy:


Scammers are getting petty, I have circumstantial evidence that they maybe trolling other baiters with some numbers from a PBX I use.

Take it as a win and every person who calls you is a potential victim saved because the scammers spoofed their number.


It warms my heart that I’m living rent free in their heads. :joy:

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I’ve been getting lots of regular people calling me asking why I called or ‘returning’ my call. I saw this happen to a streamer a couple days ago too.


They don’t like us very much.


My US anti scam partner and I have had at times over 400 of our own numbers which we discard and get new ones regularly as they become well known.
I make between 10 thousand and as many as thirty thousand calls per 24 hours with the caller ID numbers cycling around at random.
we have had some of our DIDs listed on reddit as PayPal and Amazon etc refund scammers many times.
The innocent folks who have called to abuse the shit out of us feel real bad and say they will remove their posts on social media sites.
We always tell them to leave them there because of the exact reasons listed above.
The scammers think they’re clever by spoofing scambaiters numbers back at potential victims
Finding their main inbounds is not hard thing to do and they pay for their bullshit


how did they obtain your phone #?


We used to have a member here who was a… Well, I can’t say the words. But what he did is he posted numbers here. He had his phone system transfer to an actual scam call center. So no one know a thing, We were calling and getting scam call centers.
What he was actually doing was recording everyone’s phone numbers, cuz they were going through his phone system, and then he maliciously went after people here on the site.
What a guy


thanks god i use a pbx that randomizes my number every time i call