AT&T scam (860) 328-2433 "DSL"

Scam Number: (860) 328-2433
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DSL Broadband Service Transfer to AT&T

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[email protected]

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2024-06-06 14:08:42

Your request to transfer your DSL broadband services to AT&T has been successfully processed. Starting from the next billing cycle, your home phone and internet connection will be provided by AT&T. A transfer fee of $389.00 has been charged to your checking account and will be reflected on your bank statement within 48 hours.

If you wish to cancel this transfer, please contact us immediately .
Thank you,
Team AT&T


[email protected], Georgia,


Answering as of 538 PM EST

Another email with the same original number and a toll-free added:
Karak [email protected]

6/6/2024, 7:52:41 AM

Transaction alert

Dear Customer,

As the service for international online transactions is closely monitored, your transaction of USD 700.00 using your Zelle App, has been put on hold on June 06, 2024 at 01:32:37. To complete the transaction successfully, please review the transaction.

For any further information, please call our Customer Care.

In case you have not done this transaction, to report it please call on our customer service.



75th avenue, New York, NY


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Sherry or Shelly connects to “my banker” David and David connects to FTC and US Marshal.
Money laundering case.

So, basically a Social Security scam.

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Right SSA scam