AT&T DirecTV scam 855-201-2774

Scammer’s Number: 855-201-2774
Extra Info: AT&T DirecTV Even after 10 days Punjabi scammer compelling me to buy eBay gift cards
In Punjabi
a Chirbit - AT&T Punjabi A - - share audio easily
b Chirbit - AT&T Punjabi B - - share audio easily

I’ve tried this one for an hour or so now. Busy every time across 10-12 calls now.

New number 877-636-1536
AAT&T DirecTV #SCAM 8776361536
Persuades in Punjabi to buy eBay cards

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Yup. This one is live. It seems to be a different call center though. Hold music and automated menu is different.

But these guys seem to speak english much better!


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They directed me to call 800-531-4000 for my promotions. I can’t find this listed anywhere else.

no mo robo says it’s a scam number. Thoughts?



Sounded like it was real. Guy sounded Indian. Gave me the website www.ibex/ Real company, but this guy was so evasive about it and would not tell me where he was located just offshore. Really thick accent and pretty nasty. Called me back on 877-510-3692 and made mouth noises and thumped on the phone. So no I do not think this number is legit.

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800-531-4000 is really weird. I’ve called it about 10 times. It seems to play a different message every few calls. Sometimes it AT&T and when you select an option it turns into ‘auto coverage’. Some are indian and some sound american with no accent.

Are you getting the same recording every time?

Either way… ‘New number 877-636-1536’ is always getting to a fake AT&T/DirecTV call center though. :slight_smile:

We just have 2 numbers to play with now!

Yes. Getting different messages. Sometimes AT&T. Sometimes DGS or whatever. This is for sure not legit.

Several automated systems here. Some prerecorded messages. ‘Press 1 if over 50, otherwise press 2.’ sort of things.

Scam. They all speak Punjabi. They want eBay gift cards for fake "promotion’
I talked to two scammers in Punjabi

does anybody know what time it is in las vegas right now just im from the uk

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8:48 AM in Las Vegas , Nevada

thanks i was on phone too scammer about student loands and he told me it was 9.40 in vegas but i had the time up already

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