AT&T/DirectTV Scam

Scammer’s Number: 18665470634
Domains Used: n/a
Extra Info: They say they’ll cut your AT&T bill in half and then ask you to pay them $350 in ebay gift cards up front.


This one is great. These dudes are super chill. Had a blast with them.


Good news everyone! They’re offering jobs now. Call to apply! Just give them your email address!

Let them know DAVID CLARK sent ya! :wink:

UPDATE: They have blocked my honeypot phone number. I had to swap to one of my other 9000 numbers. :slight_smile:

Anyone having luck getting in?


Guys, you are hurting his feelings. He stated that there are 63 people they are currently waiting on ebay cards from so they cant change the phone number yet. Keeps yelling for interfering with his scam. :frowning:

That’s all the news for now. Back to calling him I GO! :slight_smile:



I’m getting a fax/modem when I call this number now.


Is this already dead? Can anyone else confirm?


Half the time its computer/fax. Half the time I get a menu. But EVERYTIME I call they just hang up on me.

Looks like this one is dying. :frowning:

Jun 10 2021 - 21:00 UTC

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No they’re still operating.

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Just got in and the guys English was so good. He told me he’s not in India or Pakistan?

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5:03 PST: About to give them a call.
5:07 PST: Got a Human after pressing 3 to speak to tech support.
5:12 PST: Pressed 1 to ask about payment options and got put on hold for quite a while
5:16 PST: Got human and told him I got info about the deal from a buddy… Scammer hung up about 3 seconds afterward.
5:18 PST: Calling back tech support
5:26 PST: Started recording and called back. Still waiting on a human to answer.
5:30 PST: Hung up and decided to call back. These guys take forever to pick up the damn phone
5:33 PST: Music stopped but no one answered. Calling again.
5:37 PST: No answer. I give up, lads. See you all tommorrow.

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I called back in off hours. The recording says 10am - 6pm Pacific, Monday through Sunday. Guess I’ll try back in a few more hours.

However, this one isn’t dead yet! :slight_smile:


Yes I talked to them in English and Punjabi. The change numbers daily. They tell you to buy eBAY gift cards. They call me every other day asking for eBay card codes.

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A few rings and then nothing.

Nice Scam

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