AT&T Copper Wire Replacement

I get constant calls from these guys on my work landline, they claim to be calling from AT&T Dedicated Fiber Department and need to send over a tech to inspect the wiring and swap out old copper wiring for fiber optics. I’ve talked to them for a while trying to figure out what they want, it seems like they’re phishing for account info. Contacted AT&T directly just in case and they told me everything is fine at my service address.

Got an email from Paul Johnsen ([email protected]) The number in the contact info on is also linked to

List of active numbers I’ve collected over time. The first one has a broken IVR and just connects you to an employee, the rest just ring on hold until it hangs up, as far as i can tell.

Edit: got a call from Oliver at 877-689-1036
E2: new number 866-440-0126

Various names I’ve gotten are Tyler Martinez, Patrick Williams, Alex Gonzalez, Paris, and Paul Johnsen

I know this team. They are part of a sales team under AT&T Solutions Provider.

Could you provide any more evidence? The email i received from [email protected] has this logo in the signature
but when looking up the winners for that I only pull up these

source: AT&T Alliance Channel Announces Solution Provider Champions for 2021

That is correct, they are part of that sales team, you can actually ask them what group they’re associated with.


Well, I just called to ask and they claimed to be from AT&T Business solutions. Considering that you’re on a brand new account and have only looked at my posts, I’m gonna take that with a massive grain of salt.

Defeats him nicely.